Client Services

Our Guarantee

If the business relationship between your Company and the Candidate is terminated by the Candidate without cause or by your Company for cause because you do not reasonably believe that the Candidate has the requisite experience and qualifications for the position within one (1) year after the Candidate commences his services, Cornerstone will issue your Company a credit to be applied toward our future fee to obtain a replacement. The credit will be equal to a pro-rated portion of the placement fee previously received by Cornerstone for that portion of the year that the Candidate has not been employed by your Company.

Credit Contingency:

The credit is contingent upon your Company providing us with written notification of all of the facts relating to the termination of the relationship with the Candidate within ten (10) days of the effective date of said termination. For purposes of illustration, if your Company terminates the Candidate for cause after the sixth month of employment, your Company will receive a credit equal to six (6) months of the placement fee previously paid by you.

Dedication & Motivation

Here at Cornerstone Medical Recruiting, we are dedicated to be a God-based, heart-led, and people-motivated company. As experts in our field, we are able to gain the confidence of our clients and help attract stellar candidates.

Our commitment to establishing credibility, integrity and providing superior service is vital to our success. Serving people and caring about their needs more than the bottom-line is what sets Cornerstone apart from competition.

Our Purpose

The sole purpose of Cornerstone Medical Recruiting is to make life easier for Hospitals, Clinics, Outpatient Centers, and Private Practices. We do this by by preventing frustrating situations, resulting from hours of reviewing resumes, and continuous interviewing of unsatisfactory candidates, that results in making due with the best of what has been presented, and not the best of what is obtainable. In essence, we save the facility time and money. While finding highly qualified candidates and placing them with excellent institutions is our business, client satisfaction is our number one priority

Steps To Success

The first step Cornerstone Medical Recruiting takes in successfully placing stellar candidates in excellent positions is to fully understand the client’s needs. Taking the time to find out accurate information is crucial to the outcome, thus establishing Cornerstone as an extension to that practice. It also builds a solid relationship from the very beginning based on trust and partnership, and leads to a successful placement.

Doing a “Course of Action Agreement” with a client sets forth the guidelines of how we are going to work together, allows each party to know what to expect from the other, and ultimately shows the commitment to reach the goal.

Cornerstone’s pledge to walk each client through the whole process every time, and giving feedback at every stage, results in our extremely high percentage of successful placements. We are there at every step. From taking the job order, marketing the opportunity, introducing top candidates, setting up the initial phone conversation, setting up the in person tour and interview, getting the job offer, negotiating back and forth – until finally, both parties are completely satisfied.

Most recruiting firms believe they just need to introduce the parties and that because both of them are professionals, they can take it from there. Communication can breakdown at any part of the process, and if the recruiting firm is not involved, any misunderstandings can not be cleared up.

Steps Above & Beyond

Here at Cornerstone Medical Recruiting, we are more then willing to step in at every part of the process and make sure needs are being taken care of in an organized and professional fashion. An itinerary instructs both parties in writing of who, what, where, when, and how; leaving the guess work out of the recruiting method. Cornerstone is willing and able to put together an itinerary if the client does not have the time to do so.

If the placement requires relocation, Cornerstone will make sure the candidate has access to all community information necessary to make a decision on the opportunity, including meeting with a real estate expert, if the client is unable to coordinate this facet.